Friday, 13 June 2014

Walking into Spring


Spot the Peacock.

   As it starts getting hotter in London, all I can think of is escaping to a lush green park and just lie on the grass and gaze the beautiful blue sky.
   I decided to go to Holland Park last weekend which is one of the largest parks in the Royal Borough. A fairly huge area with a tennis court, golf practise nets, a small cafeteria and abundant wild life! I could see peacocks, black rabbits and squirrels and some really different birds roaming uncaged. Also a small waterfall and a pond with Koi, Shubunkins, Golden Orfe.
    Oh and on my way to the park I came across a Vintage Car Club right next to my house and obviously it was very difficult for me to ignore the old beauties! So I spent like hour just adoring them :P

What I wore:
Black peplum top: Chemistry
Maxi Lace skirt: Miss Selfridges
Studded Black Courts: Office
Rings: Spitalfields market

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