Friday, 22 August 2014

Shine on!

      Having a college right in the middle of Oxford Street is probably one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Regular store visits are probably a part of my daily routine. So being upto date to the new trends, stocks, offers, sales and discounts becomes a little easier for me.

      So one fine day I went to Mango and I came across this sequin jacket. And I was absof*cking in love with it. I knew it had a place in my closet.

 For Spring/Summer 2014 sequin ranged from small to large and in varied colors. From Yves Saint Laurent, Dolce and Gabanna to Prada to Lanvin, they had it all! Sequins, metallic, mirror work, glitter were all seen on the fashion runways. Embellishment is one major trend forecast for this season.
    The jacket is perfect for a date or just a fancy night out with your girls. Use the sparkle to dress up jeans or a simple basic dress in your wardrobe.
     I paired it with a pair of skinny trousers and a spaghetti tank top and a pair of tiny wedge heels to make it look more chic. For lips I went for a darker cranberry color. I’m wearing a M.A.C matte lipstick in the shade Sin. Its one of my all time favourite lip colors and its long wearing.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Walking into Spring


Spot the Peacock.

   As it starts getting hotter in London, all I can think of is escaping to a lush green park and just lie on the grass and gaze the beautiful blue sky.
   I decided to go to Holland Park last weekend which is one of the largest parks in the Royal Borough. A fairly huge area with a tennis court, golf practise nets, a small cafeteria and abundant wild life! I could see peacocks, black rabbits and squirrels and some really different birds roaming uncaged. Also a small waterfall and a pond with Koi, Shubunkins, Golden Orfe.
    Oh and on my way to the park I came across a Vintage Car Club right next to my house and obviously it was very difficult for me to ignore the old beauties! So I spent like hour just adoring them :P

What I wore:
Black peplum top: Chemistry
Maxi Lace skirt: Miss Selfridges
Studded Black Courts: Office
Rings: Spitalfields market

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Columbia Road

    And yesterday I got done with my International Preparation for Fashion course at the London College of Fashion.

    Summer break has finally started and I can’t wait to meet up my family and friends back home in Mumbai in a few weeks time.

    So yesterday I and my friends planned to meet up for lunch at Shoreditch to have a small celebration for successfully completing the foundation year. I have been staying in Shoreditch for almost a year now and I had never been to the Columbia Flower Market which is soo nearby. So yesterday just seemed the right time for it! 25 degrees, a bright sunny day and getting done with spring term. What else could I ask for?

    We started off from Queensbridge towards Columbia Road. While roaming around that vicinity I came across so many pretty doors in pastel colours as well as ones with really pretty print on them. There were a few pop up stores with some amazing window displays. The entire area was calm, quite and refreshing. Perfect to enjoy the sun and be away from the crowd at the same time!

    After roaming for an hour there I spotted a red vintage car. And my love for red vintage cars is just wayyy too much :P . It’s one of my items in my “material happiness” list. I want to own one one fine day :) 

Outfit details:
Blazer- Miss Sixty
Textured Black top- TopShop
Grey Jeans- Somewhere in Srilanka
Chain- Portobello Market
Bag- New Look
Wooden Wedges- TopShop


  Where am I lost?
  Ok so I started this blog last year in July with too much of enthusiasm. The first post did get a few hundred views which actually thrilled me. So every morning I used to wake up thinking that I will definitely post something but I didn’t really have that much time. (even after having a 8 month long vacation :P)
   Talking about where I was lost! Most of my time back home in Mumbai went in my admission procedure for university. Almost everyday I had some or the other issues popping up! Overseas admission is literally a pain in the ass! Time flied quickly! I flied to London :P College started. New city. New friends. New beginnings. A better life started.I was just wayyy too engrossed in it.
     From getting selected at the London college of fashion to losing a horde of my most precious friends. 2013 was a bumpy ride for me with the most happiest as well as the worst moments ever.
     So apparently I thought of embarking 2014 on a good note. And as every year I did make a bucket list! So the first thing on it is traverse London to the fullest! There is so much to do in this city. It is so well said by Samuel Johnson that “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.”
What I wore:
 Aztec printed pants and lime green jumper: H&M, Polka dot blazer: Miso, Wooden wedges and bracelet: Topshop, necklace: Hill road, bag: Primark.